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February 2010

Duu Yuu Muumuu?

In follow-up to yesterday's post, a friend sent me a commiserating message. She, too, was bemoaning how her clothes don't fit like they used to. She joked that she had been shopping for muumuus. "Where does one shop for muumuus?" I asked, because how the heck would I know?, and... Read more →

Fashion Don't

Yesterday morning, while attempting to dress for work, I changed my clothes three times. Have you ever had a day like that? Other than when you were a teenager, I mean. As an adult. Recently. Where nothing felt right, no combination worked, stuff just didn't fit... Am I the only... Read more →

Back in business

PEEZER FOUND MY CELL PHONE!!! I knew it would show up sometime. It's been almost four weeks since I apparently set it down on the rocking chair in his bedroom, possibly to pick up some of the stuff on his floor or maybe to dig in his closet for something,... Read more →

Olympic Fever

Like many, I am truly enjoying watching the Winter Olympics on TV. I admire humans who push their bodies to the limit and defy the laws of gravity and physics. I imagine the exhiliration they must feel at achieving such pinnacles, of knowing their names will be forever etched in... Read more →