Make a kid smile.
Welcome Home, Lori!

Sickness sucks. Except when it doesn't.

MarchMadness Today was supposed to go like this:  I was up and getting ready to drive to my office an hour from here, where I was going to work today safely away from the distractions of first round NCAA men's tournament action.  While I was checking Facebook and Twitter my work email, The Boss shuffled into the office kitchen. "My stomach hurts," he said. "Wow, sorry to hear that," The Mother Of The Year replied.  "Now hurry up and get ready - you don't wanna miss the bus."

He hung his head and walked away. Two minutes later, he returned.

"I just threw up," he said.  "Sorry."

So, now he's laying in my bed, watching mindless cartoons, and I can't believe my good fortune am formulating Plan B. The thing is, I really wanted to watch NCAA hoops go to work today.  I spend most of my time at client sites, so every once in a while, I figure It's good to be seen in my office, by the people who keep sending me paychecks. 

But at home? I can easily turn on my large-screen HDTV to CBS get plenty of work done. There are conference calls I can join, and four brackets to monitor employee handbooks to write.  I am wired. Connected. I can do everything I need to do from the comfort of my living room sofa home office.  Yes, it's a lucky break an unfortunate turn of events that The Boss is sick, but I'll just have to figure out how the picture-in-picture works do what's best for my kid.  I'll have to pick up a six pack and some chicken wings for me some chicken noodle soup to make his tummy feel better.

Hey, by the way? Isn't the March Madness tournament starting soon? I thought I heard something about it...

Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta get back to work.

# # #

UPDATE, 11AM. My work server is down and is going to be for the next hour or so. Can't get email on my computer or Blackberry. Can't remote-in to the network drives to access the documents I need.  Gametime's in less than an hour, and shortly thereafter I have to leave to go to a work function. Wanna know what it is? We'll be at a sports bar, watching the games, and "networking" with invited clients and prospects. Oh happy day!