Comfort Food
Eyes on the ground

Things I've been doing instead of blogging

Laundry, cooking, eating, snacking, drinking wine, loading, unloading and reloading the dishwasher, mopping the floor, drinking wine, soaking up the gorgeous, end-of-summer weather, napping, working, commuting, attending back-to-school open houses, filling out forms, writing checks, raising funds, packing lunches and mid-day snacks, compulsively Facebooking, analyzing our pathetic finances on, reading books to the kindergartener, ordering shoes for the kindergartener, returning said shoes because apparently "Size 11" doesn't always mean SIZE 11, mitigating the kindergartener's disappointment by ordering the same shoes in a size 12, shuttling the teenager to and from his hangouts, researching whether it's possible to microchip a teenager, answering calls for the teenager, debating whether or not to buy the teenager yet another cell phone, making friends with the teenager's friend's mom, losing track of the under-the-radar middle-schooler, finding him in the basement and chasing him off of his xBox already, sleeping, maintaining "old" friendships, debating whether or not to just quit Twitteralready, taking the aging Jeep in for repairs, going to church choir practice, attending meetings at church, co-leading the little kids' choir at church (because I don't do enough there already), scheduling overdue doctor's appointments for myself, carefully killing stinkbugs, dreading the annual onslaught of the crickets, reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, pondering Santa pez whether I should get a Kindle (still in the "no" camp), looking for stuff, discovering Pez dispensers in almost every drawer in the house, picking up clutter, refilling the dog's water bowl, sweeping up dog hair tumbleweeds, shushing the cat, gaining weight, engaging in personal beauty activities such as coloring my hair, waxing my eyebrows, getting pedicures, etc., watching Weeds, watching football (college and pro), making my survivor pool picks, playing Scrabble on Facebook, feeling old, wondering where all the time's going, planning an adults-only weekend getaway to Milwaukee and another one to the White Dog Inn, washing my car, taking deep, cleansing breaths, giving thanks, reminiscing, praying, loving, and being oh so grateful for our health and for a busy life filled to overflowing with family and friends and activities and just so very many reasons to live.