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December 2010

Car repairs: Buy One, Get One Free

BECAUSE DECEMBER ISN'T CRAZY ENOUGH ALREADY, we thought it would be a kick to throw in major car repairs for both vehicles! You know, just for shits 'n' grins. The first one, you may remember, went down week before last, when my charter bus Suburban's oil gauge malfunctioned, requiring the... Read more →

Assorted winter solstice musings

THE TITLE OF THIS POST is misleading, because what follows aren't necessarily musings about the winter solstice - that's just when these thoughts flitted through my brain. But first, about the solstice, and the total lunar eclipse? I missed it, and apparently, that puts me in the minority of my... Read more →

Kitchen forensics

DIRTY FRYING PAN AND SPATULA on the stove. SIX (six!) cracked eggshells, perched atop the already too-full countertop compost bin. SLUG-TRAILS of egg-goo criscrossing the stovetop and adjacent counter. ONE ketchup-covered plate, unrinsed, tossed into the sink. The word "EGGS", scrawled onto the magnetic shopping list attached to the refrigerator... Read more →


WINE ONE ONE became a sort of distress call for the many of the bloggers who attended the Virginia Blogfest the past two summers, and yesterday, I experienced distress sufficient to invoke this special cry of desperation. And because this is my blog, dammit, I'm going to tell you all... Read more →