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Coffee Talk

A MOMENT OF SILENCE, PLEASE, for our dearly departed Melitta Mill & Brew coffeemaker:

2013-02-20 15.11.54


We've had this gem for, gosh, probably nine years. It made a great cup of coffee, and we happen to be folks who prefer our coffee maker to grind the beans for us. (Fewer steps in the morning = good) Oh, it wasn't a perfect machine. Shortly after we got it, the latch on the top lid stopped holding it shut. We tried a duct-tape ghetto-fix, but once we figured out that if we propped it against our paper towel holder like this--

2013-02-20 15.13.10

 -- it would stay closed and brew just fine, thank you very much.

And that was okay with us until we noticed a crack in the side of the carafe. the crack grew and grew - 

2013-02-20 15.12.13

-- and for the past few months we've been wondering each morning if TODAY is the day we wake up to coffee shooting out all over the countertop.

Knowing it was going to break eventually, I started researching. Could we buy a new carafe, perhaps? Sure, for like $45 on eBay! Might as well buy a whole new coffee maker. Could we buy a whole new model of this beloved machine? My research led me to this website, where a small but ardent community of Melitta devotees mourn the fact that this very popular coffee maker was discontinued years ago. (I also validated that the broken-latch problem was common. That made me feel better.) Someone on eBay must have also seen this site because I just saw one listed for sale there for $168.

In fact, there really aren't many options out there for the all-in-one machine. I ended up finding this one on our bank's "reward points" website and we hoarded our points until we could "afford" it. It arrived today. It's... so.... big!

2013-02-20 15.20.13

And it's apparently so complicated to use, it comes with a 20-minute how-to video:

2013-02-20 15.20.57

...which I will watch. Later. I actually just brewed half a pot of coffee. (Possibly related: I'm the type who goes shopping and comes home and tries on everything again and makes everyone look at me.) It's good! I like that the hopper stores beans for a few pots at a time, rather than having to fill it every time you use it. 

So, here's hoping this one gets us through another decade (or at least lasts until we accumulate more reward points).