Catching up

Short Todd Gets Invited to a Baseball Game

The surprisingly ordinary life ofFirst installment of an occasional series about a guy I invented one night at a baseball game.

“Hey Todd.”

“Yeah?” Todd replied, popping out of his chair and around the partition into Jason’s cubicle.

“Jimmy has to pick up his sick kid from daycare, so me and the guys have an extra ticket to the game tonight. It's last minute, you probably already have plans, but…”

Jason knew he could scalp the ticket outside the stadium, but thought, what the hell, why not ask Todd. He couldn't find anyone else who wanted to go.  

Jason checked with the other guys and they agreed, even though they all found Todd annoying, he was a serious baseball fan. Plus, they knew that Todd knew they were going to the game because he came in to the break room yesterday right when they were all talking about it. Todd had tried to join the conversation. He said something about trying to get tickets but they were sold out. It would be shitty if they invited someone else from the office and then Todd heard about it. Especially with him sitting next to Jason now after the move.

And it was the Pirates. Todd LOVES his Pirates. So Jason asked, "...You wanna come with?"

“Aw, yeah man, that’s AWESOME, yeah, thanks, thanks man! First beers are on me!”

Todd was excited. Finally, he’ll get to hang with the dudes from work! He’d been trying to drop subtle hints, but they didn’t seem to notice or invite him to stuff. There were happy hours and games and other group outings, but somehow he missed hearing about things until after the fact. This was his in.

“But listen,” said Jason, “We’ll have to meet you there, k? Chad has a parking pass but doesn’t have room in his car for all of us. That cool?”

“Yeah, dude, totally! I’ll just take Metro and meet you at the center field gate. Wanna meet early? We could check out Red Porch, watch some BP…”

“Nah, just meet us at the seats,” replied Jason, handing Todd his ticket. He and the guys had planned on having a beer at the Bullpen outside the stadium, maybe throw some cornhole, and he thought it might be a little too much Todd to include him in that.

“K, cool! Thanks again, man! So excited!” Todd returned to his cube and tried to remember where he’d left off in his spreadsheet.