Orion is a-Risin'

Tonight, on a cold February night, Peezer had to work on part of his multi-day assignment on a president of his choice. For reasons too numerous to list here, I just was not up to helping him. Fortunately, his Dad was. And in exchange, I happily donned coat and hat... Read more →

Hide and Seek

From last weekend's geocaching run to PA: Check out photos and commentary. It's like a slide show, only better. Or worse, depending upon your point of view. Read more →

Weekend in PA

THANKSGIVING WEEKEND for us was a mix of longstanding traditions and new experiences. We began our favorite weekend of the year with our traditional Thursday morning drive north, complete with all 18 minutes of Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant. Thanksgiving wouldn't be Thanksgiving unless my kids suffer through this tradition! After... Read more →

Hunter Safety, Sponsored by Miller Lite

WHERE I GREW UP, in Pennsylvania, game hunting was a popular activity. I come from a family of hunters. Both of my parents hunted (yes, Mom, too) - just deer, though, and mostly to retaliate against the the critters that would eat the crops we were trying to grow. Schools... Read more →