Orion is a-Risin'

Tonight, on a cold February night, Peezer had to work on part of his multi-day assignment on a president of his choice. For reasons too numerous to list here, I just was not up to helping him. Fortunately, his Dad was. And in exchange, I happily donned coat and hat... Read more →

A quarter to eight

I WAS DIGGING THROUGH A BOX OF MEMENTOS this evening, searching for a particular photo I remembered from June of 1985. (Stay tuned for that precious gem.) While up to my elbows in nostalgia, I found this, and wanted to post it because it's such a better shot of my... Read more →

Dance Fever

My blog pal Chesapeake Bay Woman wrote about high school dances recently and the length of my comment made it obvious that I needed to devote some space here to my memories of those fine co-ed traumatic social events from the mid-1980s. So many memories came rushing back as I... Read more →